Hey there, I’m Aria Vega.

Site creator Aria Vega,  in a teal shirt and gold necklace, against a pale green wall.I’m a writer, sex educator, and survivor. I don’t think this project would exist if not for my surviving sexual violence. When your physical, emotional, or spiritual selves have been shattered like glass, it can motivate you to pursue healing in a way you may not have otherwise. This was certainly the case for me, but pain and trauma are not a mandatory part of the process. There’s never a wrong time to pursue a better relationship with your body and sexuality.

I’m a cis Black bisexual woman (she/her). Taurus sun, Virgo rising. Under thirty. At this point in my sexual liberation journey, I’m releasing the idea that committed relationships are the “ideal” way to experience love, and starting to weave sex and romance into my friendships. I’m dedicated to caring for myself as attentively as I do others. I’m working through deeper, less apparent traumas that block me from the love I’m surrounded by. I couldn’t do any of this without the sex-positivity education I was lucky enough to receive as an adult.

I cut my teeth peddling dildos at a women-owned, education-driven sex shop in my home city. There, pleasure was paramount, and as relevant to wellness as flossing. I had little related experience, but joined out of fierce curiosity and support for the mission. It happened to be the place where my first vibrator had come from years earlier, and a part of me really wanted to pay it forward. As fate would have it, the work was a perfect fit for me.


So what’s this all about?

For me, sexuality is the expression of spiritual energy that resonates most profoundly, but the body is the common thread running through many things that move me, like dance and yoga, childbirth, and touch as a love language. Bodies hold wisdom and strength beyond what we can fathom, and we can use them to better our lives. I created Your Heavenly Body because there are still too many socio-political forces out to convince us that the body is an unholy place. We are constantly told that pleasure is wrong, and that our bodies are unworthy of love (from ourselves or others) unless we change them somehow. Until entire industries can no longer profit from inventing our insecurities, we will always hear this nonsense, and perpetuate it by imposing those standards on each other. But we don’t have to fall into the trap.

I want to share my stories so that you might reflect on the significance of your own. I want to start the conversations on sex and love that we all want to have, but don’t because we fear judgment. I want you to know that others share your struggles. I want to help provide the basic sex education that our school systems refuse to. I want to help you find your new (or first!) favorite sex toy. I want to empower you to advocate for your pleasure and bodily autonomy whenever it’s relevant. I want sex to be a more holistic experience for you.

If you think about it, our bodies are an endless source of miracles. They can move us through the world for over a century. They can heal from utter brokenness. They can grow within themselves an entire other human, even several at once! Most astounding to me, they are hard-wired for sexual pleasure (especially if you have a clitoris, which serves no other purpose). It’s hard not to see this truth as a cosmic gift. A birthright.

Sexuality, whatever that means to you, is an essential part of the human experience. Each of us is entitled to explore and expand our incredible capacity for pleasure if we feel called to do so; otherwise, we suffer. First, we need to tune the world out and listen for that call. We have to believe that existing in a body is meant to be blissful. We must be brave enough to clear the often painful blocks (shame and fear in particular) that lie in the way of that bliss. I won’t lie; this takes a great deal of continuous, conscious effort. But since I’ve begun this journey, I’ve never looked back, and I’d love some good company on the road ahead.


Welcome to Your Heavenly Body. I hope you’ll get to know it better!