5 Sex Toys Crash Pad Made Me Crave

Some people get FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) about parties or concerts. I get it about sex toys, especially those I’m lucky enough to witness being used. There’s no better endorsement than an enormous orgasm! My line of work has turned me into a bit of a toy collector, and I’m always on the lookout for new additions. Here are some sex toys that have popped up in Crash Pad Series that I’m determined to own. It’s good to put your heart’s desires out into the universe, right?

Slink by Square Peg Toys

Tina Horn holding the Slink.
Episode 262: Erykah Ohms and Tina Horn


This episode features an abundance of anal pleasure. There’s an indulgent douching sesh, an inflatable butt plug, and finally, the lustrous Slink by Square Peg Toys. “Have you put this entire thing inside yourself before?” Tina inquires. Erykah’s “yes!” comes before the whole question gets out. It’s clear this super-sized butt plug is close to her heart. I’m as excited as she is watching Tina lube it up.

The Slink is seemingly squishy with a smooth taper. It comes in a few different sizes, but no matter which you opt for, you’re getting some serious depth. It starts out as slim as a finger before all of a sudden, it’s the size of a hand. In fact, it looks perfect for someone training their ass to take a fist, or like our star Erykah, just wants to feel as full as possible. Yes! Please!

Touch by We-Vibe 

La Muxer Diosa and Mars the Prince kissing.
Episode 238: La Muxer Diosa and Mars the Prince


This episode is a personal favorite of mine. The performers are stunningly beautiful and have such a natural chemistry. I like the slower pace of their pleasure exchange. There’s lots of eye contact and other non-verbal communication that is exceedingly hot. Another thing that stands out to me is the use of a small, direct external vibrator. 

The big and broad Magic Wand vibrator is a Crash Pad staple (and a timeless classic), so it’s refreshing to see Mars the Prince opt for the We-Vibe Touch, a compact clit vibe. My own vibrator preferences lean this way, so I appreciate the representation! It’s hard to see it in the scene, but it’s got an interesting shape: like a curvy thumb with a hollow in the top portion that hugs against the clit (or any other erogenous zone). It’s simple, versatile, and adorable. Sometimes less is more. 

Alex Dildo by BS Atelier

Nenetl Avril with the Alex Dildo at her lips.
Episode 199: Nenetl Avril and Verta


Sick of limited color options for sex toys? BS Atelier saves the day! The Spanish toymaker’s selection of solid colors is as stunning as it is vast. Plus there are design options too: hearts, stripes, pride flags, and my personal favorite, the “noise” look. It’s created with a drip paint technique reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s paintings.

The Alex dildo is short, slim, and semi-representational. This scene between Verta and Nenetl Avril features a gray version with black, white, and red “noise.” It’s got a pronounced coronal ridge for g-spot/prostate stimulation. If Nenetl’s vocal enjoyment is any indication, it seems to get the job done well. I’m a fan of smallish, curved dils myself. The vintage red Alex has my name written all over it. 

Minx Harness by Aslan Leather

Lily Cade wearing the Minx harness.
Episode 161: Amanda Whip and Lily Cade


I love this episode! I first encountered Lily Cade on Make Love Not Porn, where she shares sex videos from her personal life. Her professional work is just as passionate and exuberant, and it’s an endless joy to watch her (and her highly athletic partner Amanda Whip). Pretty sure I have a thing for redheads now, especially if they’re rocking a Minx. 

The Minx by Aslan Leather is the harness of my dreams. It’s got that classic leather look, with corset-style lacing in the back. I love a harness that’s very adjustable, provides a little extra coverage, and has a femme flair. Swoon! 

Eleven by Njoy

Emma Claire holding Golden Curlz and the Eleven.
Episode 171: Golden Curlz and Emma Claire


I’m already a huge fan of Njoy, as many sex toy enthusiasts are. Their butt plugs are damn near perfect, and the Pure Wand is an absolute legend (check out one blogger’s opinion at My Messy Room). There’s one more piece from them I’ll have to own before my Njoy collection is complete, and that’s the Eleven. 

This dil is hefty. When I first encountered the Eleven in person, it was so dense that I thought it must weigh eleven pounds (it’s actually only 2.75 lbs! Stainless steel is fascinating). At my sex shop job, I’d often joke with customers that it could double as a weapon in a pinch. 

All that pressure (and girth, and ridging) must create an intensely powerful sensation. Just ask Golden Curlz, the lucky Crash Pad star taking it for a spin in this scene. She’s overpowered by her pleasure, and it’s easily the most thrilling moment in the episode. I won’t lie, I used to be totally intimidated by this out-of-this-world insertable. But after seeing it in action, I’m convinced: I need it.