Review: Agreeable Agony Leather Jack

A selection of Leather Jacks from Agreeable Agony.
Photo credit: Agreeable Agony.

My relationship with kink is always evolving. I don’t identify as kinky, per se, but I do enjoy some elements of BDSM like impact, being restrained, and playing with power dynamics. I often wonder what it’s like to be in a D/s relationship, and I really enjoy reading others’ experiences with that. As a person, I definitely have some rather submissive tendencies, like fellow blogger Ani. When I’m in that headspace during sex, my Leather Jack always makes an appearance.   

Agreeable Agony makes some of the most gorgeous impact toys I’ve ever seen. Each aesthetic aspect is chosen so thoughtfully. With the Leather Jacks in particular, they vary tremendously in color scheme and composition. Some have more layers of leather than others; some even have a rubber core to make them meaner!

How I Met Jack

There’s a cute story behind my acquisition of this toy.  When the Leather Jacks first appeared at my old sex shop job, I drooled over them for weeks, unable to choose a favorite. Imagine my delight when a friend and co-worker secretly set one aside for me because the colors made him think of me. It’s literally the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to me at work!

This guy was right on the money. I was so smitten with his selection that I wasn’t sure how I’d ever passed it over to begin with. My Leather Jack is cherry red and maroon, a fun spin on the classic BDSM-dungeon red that’s so commonly used with kink toys. The leather is flexible and sooooo luxurious. The Leather Jack feels solid in my hand, but not particularly weighty. I can wield it comfortably in my non-dominant hand.

Why You Want One

The Leather Jack hits the body with a delicious thud that still has a bit of sting at the surface. I’m really into impact toys that can offer this hybrid sensation, and I wasn’t getting that from many other impact toys I’d experienced (though, admittedly, the sample size is fairly small). I tend to favor floggers for that effect, but this “paddle bat” style really nails and maroon leather jack against stone slab.

The Leather Jack is the first impact toy I ever actually owned, and boy has the bar been set high. Aside from being so taken with its beauty, I really liked how responsive it is to varying levels of force. Some impact toys are brutal with any amount of force, but the Leather Jack meets you right where you’re at. Then there’s the little details, like the textured handle and the hanging loop at the end. This thing is kind of flawless. 

I would recommend the Leather Jacks to anyone who likes a thuddy impact toy. If you’re able to check them out in person somewhere, run don’t walk! They’re a sight to behold, and kink toys are pretty much the only pleasure products you can test drive. But no need to worry if you can only access them online. You can actually choose your color combination this way, and who doesn’t love some custom-made kink?

Agreeable Agony (I just love this brand name) makes some pretty magical stuff. I’ve also got one of their Petal Slappers, which I’ll geek out about in a forthcoming review. This brand’s levels of craftsmanship and creativity are off the charts, and I look forward to a long and happy life with these paddles.