Review: Crash Pad Series, Episode 81

9 giving Chocolate Chip a blowjob with Cinnamon Maxxine behind her.
The accessories game is so strong in this episode.

I love a good old fashioned slumber party. What’s more adorable than a bunch of femmes sipping tea in cozy clothes, checking out glamorous photos of Old Hollywood icons at the Crash Pad? Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Maxxine clearly agree. That’s exactly what these two are busy with before they decide to expand the party to three. Or rather, 9.

Cinnamon calls 9 to make an innocent invitation, and has seemingly perfect timing: 9 has just been on a date with some asshole and could use a little comfort. Cinnamon wastes no time showing 9 that she’s come to the right place for that. The viewer barely gets to glimpse 9’s face before it’s covered with Cinnamon’s.

There’s a brief pause to undress a bit, save for some shoes: combat boots for Chocolate Chip, black platform heels for 9. I just love how cute they got for each other. Bright eyeshadow, flowers in hair, garter belt, body glitter… it’s all so symbolic of the sweetness and playfulness this pleasure sesh exudes.

Chocolate Chip and 9 exchange some lipstick marks, love bites, and giggles as they warm up a bit. You see Chocolate Chip begin to squirm as 9 pinches her nipples with gloved-up hands. “You really shouldn’t have bit me,” 9 says with a cunning smile.  “I have very sensitive nipples!” her partner protests, eyes begging. But once 9 starts using her mouth instead, Chocolate Chip is suddenly speechless.

Soon Cinnamon returns from the sidelines, first to fuck 9 with their fingers, then to receive the same. As 9 is focused on Cinnamon (who makes fucking in glasses look effortless, by the way), Chocolate Chip comes up behind her with a strap. Before long, 9 can’t really focus on much at all, and the group giggles as they listen to her inch closer to orgasm. The bedframe squeaks its delighted approval.

Perfect Cure

Chocolate Chip fingering 9 as she lays on Cinnamon Maxxine.

This is one of those episodes that really made me wish I was there. Seeing all of these soft brown bodies being decorated and celebrated is especially thrilling to watch, and makes me feel so seen. When I think about the way that relationships between women, especially Black women, are generally represented in pop culture (spoiler alert: not well), this scene feels like a perfect antidote. There’s nothing but love here.

My favorite way to spend time with friends is in private, homey spaces like this, where we can be completely comfortable and focused on each other, no matter what we’re doing. It’s already so intimate, and when a physical connection can arise from that, it’s the best. I can’t think of a better way to bond, and this episode completely captured that.

Episode #81 winds down with 9 sucking off Chocolate Chip’s turquoise strap until the trio collapses into a sweaty heap, limbs entangled. “How’s your day now?” asks Cinnamon of a still-panting 9 as she lays into their chest. “Um, amazing?” she responds. As if there was any question.

My biggest takeaway from Episode #81: apparently, a good threesome can cure a bad date. The more you know.