Review: Mimi Soft

Mimi Soft on a wicker chair.

Mimi Soft is an instant classic. Its shape is splendidly simple, and your color options are terrific (why don’t more vibrators come in black?) I love that it’s perfect for both broad and direct stimulation, so it’s a great choice if you love both, or if you’re still learning about your body. Mimi Soft’s silicone is quite smooth, like the river pebble it resembles.

For clarity, English toymaker Je Joue has two models of this toy: the Mimi Classic and the Mimi Soft. Mine is the latter. The difference is that Mimi Soft has a thicker layer of silicone and a hollow, flexible tip. On the Classic, the tip ends where the plastic surrounding the inner mechanics does. It’s not a dramatic difference, but I imagine the extra silicone on the Mimi Soft may swallow some of the vibration.

Even so, I’m pretty obsessed with the motors in Je Joue vibes. They are decidedly rumbly, almost punchy, exactly the type of vibration I seek. The higher speeds are buzzier in comparison to the lower ones, but even then the vibration still manages to keep some depth. If you’re curious about how this vibration translates to an internal toy, Cy at Super Smash Cache wrote a highly detailed review of Je Joue’s g-spot vibe, Uma.

The fact that the same motor is used across their whole line is smart, because if you’re into it, you can collect other shapes with confidence. My one issue with this motor? It ain’t exactly quiet. Sometimes I’m so distracted by the sound I have to smother it with a pillow. The sound is much softer once it’s pressed against the body, but still.

How You Can Use It

Mimi Soft on a red pillow.

Mimi Soft is excellent for vulvas, but its versatile shape means you can use it on basically any erogenous zone. If you have a penis, you can lay its flat side on the balls, or its tip at the frenulum. Hold it at someone’s perineum while you go down on them. Nipple stim? Of course! You really can’t go wrong.

Even if you’re someone who’s certain you want direct stimulation, I’d still recommend it alongside cylindrical clit vibes. Being able to grip a wider base is much more comfortable for me. The motor also feels strongest toward the tip, so I get more vibration where I want it and less of it in my hand.



There are five consistent speeds and seven pulsation patterns on the Mimi Soft. That sounds impressive, but as renowned blogger Epiphora discovered, most of us aren’t even using these patterns with external vibrators. I never use patterns during solo play, with any vibe. The gaps between the pulses on Mimi Soft are fairly wide, and I really need consistent stimulation to orgasm, like many of us do. I’m much more likely to use patterns for teasing a partner, but that’s about it.

I am pleased to report that the buttons on Mimi Soft got a much-needed upgrade last year. While they are still not very easy to see, they are much more responsive to touch. The buttons on my older model are so stiff that I use both hands to change the intensity. Je Joue genuinely seems to give a damn about their customers’ experience and takes feedback to make improvements.

The Mimi Soft is a gem of a toy. The aesthetic is truly timeless: sexy, but not flashy. It’s reasonably priced ($95 USD), body-safe, submersible waterproof, rechargeable, and can fit a variety of bodies and preferences. This also makes it a great gift! There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all toy, but by keeping it simple in style and function, the Mimi Soft casts the net pretty widely. It has its little flaws, but on the whole, I’m incredibly happy with it.