Review: Tantus Curve

Tantus Curve sitting on a piano.

When I was looking for my first silicone dildo, I was a little intimidated. I didn’t know what I liked yet! The amount of available options (for size, texture, color, firmness, etc.) was encouraging, but too many choices can be paralyzing for me. Plus, sex shops tend to have rather strict return policies. I’m sure you can guess why.

I got really lucky and fell in love with my choice: the Tantus Curve. It’s a standout dildo in any collection. It’s purple hue reminds me of ocean water: shimmery at the surface, with rich depths. It has ridges, but they’re more spread out and less pronounced than many other dildos that feature them. It has a tapered tip, a fixed curve, and a teardrop-shaped base — that suctions!

What It’s Great For

The Curve is a must-have if you want a dildo that reliably hits your g-spot or prostate with every thrust, no tricky angling required. The silicone is single-density and fairly firm, but the shaft is very bendy. When I used to work at a sex shop, straight couples often came to me looking for a good pegging dildo, and I would practically throw this toy at them (fellow sex blogger Carly S. has some great tips for folks new to pegging).

At first I thought the unique base shape was just for aesthetics, but it actually makes it easier for me to hold than a standard round base. The extra material falls where my thumbs naturally rest when I hold the toy toward my body. The suction cup isn’t very deep, so it’s better for anchoring the dildo upright on a flat surface versus a wall.

This girth is on the slimmer side of the spectrum, but between the curve and the ridges, what you lose in fullness you gain with other sensations. Personally, g-spotty dils that are also super thick are a bit much for me (with the glorious exception of the Carter), so the Curve hits my sweet spot in this way. So to speak.

Most Valuable Player

When it comes to butt toys, I generally prefer using weighty plugs over dildos. But when I’m in the mood for a dil, I usually grab the Curve. It’s not too long and not too thick, plus the curve means I can actually get some indirect g-spot stim. The tapered tip makes insertion quite easy, but you still want to be super warmed up: remember those ridges.

For everything you get from the Curve, I can’t believe how relatively affordable it is. Many of my dildos of comparable quality surpass the $100 mark, whereas the Curve is about $70 from Tantus. In case you’d like to see some more high quality toys that won’t break the bank, April and Liam at Viva La Sexy have your back.

The Tantus Curve is easily the most versatile dildo I own. I love it for solo play, strapping, anal, you name it. At six inches tall, it’s also my most travel-friendly dil, making it my summer MVP. The only person I wouldn’t recommend it to is someone who isn’t looking for very direct g/p-spot contact, or who knows they need more fullness. Barring that, you’ve got yourself a keeper.