Review: Njoy Pfun & Pure Plug

pure plug and pfun plug on wooden slab
You’d be forgiven for thinking this is why steel exists.

Every body is different, and there is no such thing as a sex toy that is universally liked, or that can promise an orgasm (not even the Womanizer, despite the company’s former satisfaction guarantee, which is quite problematic by the way). That being said, some sex toys do approach perfection in their design. In my humble opinion, most Njoy toys fit the bill, especially the Pure Plugs (mine is medium) and the Pfun Plug.

Both plugs are made from my favorite toy material, stainless steel. What’s not to love? It’s shiny, smooth, dense, and non-porous, making it simple to disinfect (boiling for 10 minutes is my go-to method). This material is great for temperature play: try leaving your toy in the fridge or in a bowl of warm water for a little while. G-spots and prostates just love the firmness and weight of stainless steel. And it’s just so pretty!

Toys I love are usually fun to interact with in non-sexual ways, and the Njoy plugs are no exception. The Pfun Plug in particular fits most snugly into my hand. I love its heaviness, and how it starts out cool before heating to body temperature as I observe the reflections on its surface. It’s so grounding.

Another thing I love about stainless steel is that I can pair it with silicone lubricant (my go-to is Uberlube). That’s the kind that doesn’t absorb into the skin, which means I can wear a plug for hours and still withdraw it comfortably. I also love using these plugs to manage blocks in my root chakra, located around the perineum. The intensity of the weight is very stimulating for that energy center and keeps it nice and open. It’s a passive, pleasurable healing method. 

Pfun Plug

pfun plug on white painted surface with plants in background.
Isn’t it dreamy?

The “P” in Pfun stands for prostate, for which this plug is designed, but you don’t need one to appreciate this toy. I myself don’t have a prostate, and yet this is my absolute favorite thing to put up my butt. Weighing in at 11oz/310g, the Pfun Plug is the heftier of the two. Once it’s been inserted, I like to lay on my side and rotate my hips a bit to engage it. I also sleep on my side, so I’ve tried to wear it to bed before. Sadly, it doesn’t take too long for one side of my ass to become sore. The small Pure Plug might be better for this.

The Pfun Plug pairs incredibly well with receiving oral sex and using external vibrators (either directly on the skin, or on the handle of the plug). In fact, almost all of my most intense clitoral orgasms occur while I’m wearing this plug. The pressure of it against my clenching muscles revs up arousal tremendously by engaging more of my pelvic floor. Fun fact: the stronger these muscles are, the more intense your orgasms will be.

I really enjoy having a partner rock the Pfun Plug by the handle while they go down on me. When I’m by myself, I always lay on my back so I can engage the plug by grinding my hips against the bed. These are very effective ways to get some hands-free g-spot action if you’ve got one! Since the butt and vagina share a wall, curved and rigid anal toys like the Pfun can potentially reach it.

The Pfun Plug isn’t really great for casual wear. Its elongated curve and balanced weight distribution mean it slides out when my body is upright, almost immediately. It’s also not the most comfortable to sit on, as the length peeks out through my cheeks. If you’re looking for a plug you can wear while going about your day, this isn’t the one. But fortunately, there’s the Pure Plug.

Pure Plug (Medium)

pure plug on a stone slab surrounded by white rocks
This is the Pure Plug that Goldilocks would have chosen.

The Pure Plug is available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and the colossal 2.0 (my friend Bex wrote a really hot story about being long-distance dommed with one of these). Mine is the medium size (7oz/200g), and it’s perfect for me. Its fullness and weight is very present but not overwhelming. Not too big, not too small, but juuuust right.

All of the weight is concentrated at the head of the plug. The fact that the neck is so skinny means that after inserting, your butthole shrinks back down to lock in the bulb. When you’re upright and walking around, gravity pulls the plug down toward the anal opening where all the nerve endings are, but it doesn’t slip out. This is my favorite way to play with the Pure Plug. The short, skinny neck and narrow handle mean that sitting is quite comfortable, even for an hour or two at a time. You don’t need to have a super thick butt for this to work, believe me. Wearing my Pure Plug out and about is always fun, but not distractingly so.

During sex, I find the medium Pure Plug to be a little underwhelming. It doesn’t quite reach my g-spot, so having a partner play with it while they eat me out doesn’t feel like much of anything. The handle isn’t long enough to reach the bed, so rocking on it doesn’t have much of an impact, either. Also, the fact that the stem is so slim means my asshole can’t really engage with it the way it does with the Pfun’s thicker neck. Though I can still have a quite intense clitoral orgasm while I wear it, the Pure Plug definitely gets more use outside the bedroom than inside.

A Bit About Both

pure plug and pfun plug on a brick surface

The Pure Plug and the Pfun Plug complement each other beautifully because they serve completely different purposes for me. While the Pfun is superior for active use during sex, the Pure Plug excels when it comes to passive use, like wearing it out on a date, or making your day job more tolerable.

For me, vaginal penetration while wearing these plugs is an either/or thing. I wish I could handle both at once, but it’s too tight a fit for my body. Even a finger or two is too much for me. Given the curve and rigidness of the material, I suspect this problem might be common. But I’m sure some lucky folks can make some DP action happen.

As far as temperature play goes, chilling these plugs doesn’t do much for me, but I absolutely love heating them. It makes insertion feel amazing and actually triggers an oxytocin rush for me because it reminds my body of being penetrated by a person. Setting one in some warm water for ten minutes will do the trick.

I wanted these plugs to be fun for vaginal use, but no luck. The Pure Plug’s handle is too short to really play with it, and the Pfun is just too slim for me. These plugs do exactly what they set out to do, brilliantly. I won’t ask more from them.