Review: Laid D.1

Laid D.1 on a black surface with burning sage and a shungite pyramid.
I have had literal dreams about this slab of rock.

Anyone familiar with gemstone pleasure products has surely heard of Chakrubs, probably the most well-known brand in the game. Chakrubs were the first crystal wands I owned or even saw in person, and my Indian Jade one played a key role in my sexual/spiritual awakening. They’re all absolutely enchanting. But Chakrubs aren’t the only toy creators inspired by the Earth’s orgasmic potential. Over in Norway, toy company Laid is the proud designer of D.1, the first of their two stone pleasure wands.

The D.1 is sculpted from Blue Pearl Larvikite, an igneous rock from Norway’s Oslo Rift. It’s also called Black Norwegian Moonstone, which I tend to use because of the wand’s edgy, mysterious vibe. It’s deliciously dense; sometimes I just sit it on my hip while I read a book because the weight is so satisfying. Visually, it’s stunning, with asymmetrical edges, various plane surfaces, and a modest overall curve (insufficient for safe butt play, sadly). There’s something mystical about the way it catches the light. And also my g-spot. But we’re getting to that.

Larvikite is a grounding stone that’s great for connecting to the Earth’s energetic field. This isn’t surprising, considering how the D.1 is cut from living rock that’s over three hundred million years old. That’s pre-dinosaurs, people. It doesn’t get much more earthly than that. Larvikite connects with the root chakra and is used for protection and purification, and it’s said to repel negative energy. This makes D.1 especially great for removing the energy of former sex partners from the body. I love keeping it under my pillow at night. I feel safe and soothed and not overstimulated, as certain crystals can actually keep me awake. Yep, I am that sensitive.

Standout Design

Laid D.1 next to green plant in a garden.
The D.1 in its natural habitat.

If you’re not here for all of the woo, don’t worry. I do enjoy using D.1 for sex magick and other spiritual purposes, but even from a completely grounded perspective, the D.1 still world-class. The design and execution of this product are nearly flawless. First, the shape. D.1’s handle curves up and into my palm, making it one of the easiest dils for me to use solo. The array of well-defined edges and surfaces means I can keep a firm grip, even with lube all over it. The curve is not extremely pronounced, but for me, it’s angled perfectly to reach my g-spot while still engaging my wrist in a natural and comfortable way.  As someone who deals with occasional joint pain, this is a big deal. In fact, D.1 is the only insertable I can use when I’m flaring up.

Another way in which D.1 stands out is that it’s simultaneously curved and thick. So many g-spot toys have bulbous heads and skinny necks. It’s not even a bad thing (still love you, Pure Wand!), but I’ve always wondered why it’s not easier to find the best of both worlds. This way, my entire vagina can enjoy weight, girth, and texture, not just my g-spot. Big win! Especially with D.1’s side edges. They are well-defined, but not too sharp. Twisting this toy while inserted is such a treat.

As I implied earlier, D.1 is the Moon’s gift to g-spots. That is why you want this chunk of Earth. D.1 is such a stellar g-spotter that I can barely pay attention to writing about it right now, because it’s sitting next to me for reference. My mind is screaming at me to pick it up instead. It’s that good.

Good Pressure for Great Pleasure

Close-up of Laid D.1 on a piece of wood.
Don’t forget to let it get some sunlight and moonlight!

The Laid D.1’s strength lies largely in the clever design of its head. Slightly tapered at the top with an easy insertion point, it has a rounded “face” that’s flat on the sides, for either oblate or rounded g-spot contact. Rocking, tugging, and thrusting motions all feel awesome. When I hold D.1 in place and twist side to side, that rounded point strokes my g-spot so deeply it feels like a brand new sensation. Oh, and speaking of new sensations, I’ve found the hill I’m willing to die on: Hard material dildos are external toys, too!

I love a lot of pressure behind any clit stimulation, whether from hands or toys. Weighing in at a hefty 14oz, the D.1 is certainly up to the task. Because there are broad and flat planes on the wand, I can lay one flat on my skin and either rub it or grind on it, and it adds my ideal amount of pressure all on its own. To me, the depth of the sensation is akin to vibration, even when I’m not in a meditative state at the moment. It blows my mind every time. They’re rarely marketed as such, but lots of non-vibrating, hard-material toys can absolutely be used externally if you’re willing to experiment a little bit.

Other Options

If you like the sound of D.1 but would rather have it vibrate, check out the Rave by We-Vibe. The Rave is a g-spot vibrator that was actually designed by Laid (who shares a parent company with We-Vibe). The shape, and price tag, match almost exactly. Internal vibration does nothing for me, so the Rave never really caught my eye, but now I’d be thrilled to compare the two. Honestly though? I think I’d still prefer fucking my ancient rock. Though I suppose it’s easy to be loyal to anything that makes you squirt repeatedly.

If you’re not interested in vibration and would prefer the more familiar material, Laid does make a D.1 in silicone for about fifty bucks, which you really can’t beat. The We-Vibe Rave has edges that are a little more pronounced, while the D.1 Silicone’s are smoother and more like the gemstone version. The silicone on the Rave has a fairly grippy texture, so I recommend it in particular to fans of friction. I’ve never handled the D.1 Silicone in person, but if the texture is like that of the vibrating cock rings that Laid also makes, it’s on the smoother side.

I seriously cannot think of a single criticism for the Laid D.1. At under $120, it’s not even overpriced. Sure, it would be nice if D.1 was safe for anal, but I might love it less if anything about the design was altered. Whether you know you love hard material toys, or just think you might like to try them, yes. Just, yes. Thank me later.