Review: Iroha+ Tori


Iroha Tori perched on a tree branch.
A little birdie in a tree told me you’d like Tori.

When I sat down to write this review, I thought of a vibrator by Big Teaze Toys that’s been popular for about a decade or so, I Rub My Duckie. It’s designed to accompany an age-play scene, and it’s probably the stealthiest vibrator I’ve ever seen. If this isn’t your kink, but you love the idea of a vibe that’s cute, bath-friendly and highly discreet, I found something for you. It’s called Tori, and it’s even shaped like a bird.

Tori is produced by the innovative Japanese brand Iroha, which is Tenga’s vibrator division. Tenga is best known for adapting the world-famous pocket pussy, Fleshlight, into the futuristic non-representational design of the Flip. Iroha, which makes toys for vulvas, offers a range of vibrators from luxury rechargeable models to mid-range battery-operated options (that are still covered in body-safe silicone). Tori, from the origami-inspired Iroha+ line, was my first experience with the brand, and it left a big impression.

Sensory Stats

First of all, Tori is gorgeous. It’s got a rich burgundy color and looks like a sleek origami bird. When sitting on its charging dock next to my computer, Tori looks way more like an external hard drive than a pleasure tool. And then, you touch it. Full disclosure, I am a typical Taurus, and sensate pleasures are quite literally my favorite part of being a human. So when I say the silicone on Tori was made by the GODS, take it with a grain of salt. But also, believe me. It’s the fucking best.

The silicone is silky-smooth and deeply squishy, with a thick layer of it circling the inner mechanics. Stroking and squeezing Tori is so satisfying. When I’m turned on, I exert a lot of energy through my hands, and Tori accommodates that unlike any other toy. I can pinch the material like flesh between two fingers. I can relieve a week’s worth of stress with one good grab. Plus, it’s a perfect massage tool. The best sex toys often are.

Tori’s Function

Sooooo squishy.

Super silicone aside, it’s Tori’s shape that’s probably the most successful thing about it. Many broad external vibes are flat like a pebble, which the body is not. Flat-shaped toys rarely hit all the right spots at once. Not so with Tori. On my body it hugs the whole curve of my vulva, from my cilt to my perineum. While this is an inspired design feature, it doesn’t actually add much to my particular experience, as I always pinpoint external vibes directly on my clit.

However, the fact that Tori is built this way means that someone who isn’t sure exactly which way they like best can buy one toy and experiment, making it ideal for toy newbies. Personally, I’m best acquainted with Tori’s “beak,” as it is the most direct point on the toy. Iroha seems to have intuited that many people use Tori like I do, and so the vibration is stronger in this end than in the body of the toy. This can be a strength or a weakness depending on your own preference.

Now, here’s the rub, if you’ll pardon the pun: this vibe is not a powerhouse. It lacks both strength and range, with three measly consistent speeds and two pulsation patterns. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the intensity of a pulsation pattern; it is what it is. It’s clear that the silicone that’s so lovely to touch is swallowing up the vibration. The vibes themselves sit midway between buzzy and rumbly. They’re serviceable, but frankly they’re the least exciting thing about this vibe, so for me, Tori ultimately misses the mark. 

Mixed Feelings

Tori on charging dock on a desk next to iPad, crystal, and speaker.

Tori is unique. This is the rare rechargeable vibe that has two total buttons, and they’re large and clicky. In fact, they’re some of the most accessible buttons in my toy collection. The settings are plotted on a loop, which I like because I can easily go back if I click a step too far. The charging dock even comes with a plastic cover for protection, which is barely necessary with Tori’s dust-repellent silicone. These are the details that add up greater than the sum of their parts. I’m just not sure if they’re enough.

I spilled a lot of ink over the sensual poetry of this toy, which is genuinely pleasing and really sets it apart from other external vibrators of this class. It’s a solid choice for exploring different sensations, or if you want something simple but luxe (as in submersible waterproof, rechargeable, and with an elevated aesthetic). But the truth, is this vibe was only just strong enough and just rumbly enough for me to enjoy it.

If you don’t need lots of power, love indulgent textures, need discretion, or want a toy that actually hugs the body’s curves, Tori could be for you. If you know you need real power, you might want to pass on this whole brand. Though I have to say, while I often wished Tori packed a bigger punch, I did always come. It definitely wasn’t useless.

R.I.P., Birdie

You may have caught the past tense there. Sadly, Tori died an untimely death during the process of writing this review. I had it a little over a year. I was pretty shocked. My little bird was well taken care of, and I expected to have it for much longer. I’m bummed out, but the motor’s lack of strength, range, and longevity make it hard to justify dropping the cash for a replacement. Frankly, the motor might be too disappointing to spring for it in the first place, especially with fantastic alternatives available for less. Tori is charming, but the value just isn’t there.

Today Tori is a beloved, kitschy desk companion and stress ball. It either hides in plain site, or becomes a fun conversation starter. I must say, the people around me are starting to conclude that any object in my space they can’t identify must be a sex toy. They’re often right.